Having a goal for each day can really add some umph to your day.  Setting a goal for the day will not only make your day more productive, it will enhance your day by giving it some meaning.

There are all types of goals one can have. Goals can be something active, like things you’d like to get done that day or something more mental like working on yourself.

For example, goals could include putting in a load of laundry, baking a dessert for shabbat, not screaming at the kids, only check email once today, etc.

Here’s a story from my own life:

I woke up one morning after having gotten VERY little sleep the night before.  All I could think about was how I couldn’t wait for the day to be over so I could crawl back into bed and go back to sleep.  What a waste of a day!   I decided to make a goal for myself. Often, when I’ve gotten very little sleep, I have much less patience for my kids, find myself getting frustrated, yelling, etc.  My goal for the day was that despite the lack of sleep, I was going to control myself.  I would remain patient and calm throughout the day (I was a stay at home mom for 2 little kids at the time.)  By setting this goal for myself, it brought meaning into my day.  My day suddenly became an exciting challenge to live up to.  I was energized.  It was no more a potential “wasted” day.

I challenge you to make small goals for yourself each morning when you wake up, and see how it changes your day.

Are your kids giving you a hard time putting on pajamas?

Here’s a creative and fun way to motivate them:

Have your kids line up in front of you.

You then call one item at a time which they have to take off.

For example: “right shoe” and then “left shoe” and then “one sleeve,” “skirt,” “one sock,” etc.

To be funny, you can say their sock while their shoe is still on.

To make it more fun, have them take off parts of their body as well:

Pretend to collect all of the different body parts in between calling out articles of clothing to take off.

“Now take off your nose.”

“Now one ear.”

“Now everyone give me their bellybutton. Come on, say goodnight to your bellybutton.”

The opposite can be done for getting dressed in the morning. Tell your kids to put one article of clothing on at a time and pretend to pull out body parts which you then hand out to your kids to put on as well.

* This game can be played with one child or with a few together.

Have fun!