As I’m just entering my 9th month of pregnancy, I thought it appropriate to share this game with you now.
I call this game the “9th month game” because I came up with it when I was in my 9th month of pregnancy and had no energy to move.  What’s great about this game is that the kids can get their energy out without you having to move off the couch! You can play it while you’re resting, nursing or just need some quick way to entertain your kids.

Here’s how it goes:

The idea of the game is that you tell your kids things around the home to touch and they have to run and touch them and then run back to you. Start off with simple things and then make it harder.

For example:

“Run and touch the fridge and then run back to me.”

“Go touch the front door and then come back.”

Other items can be:

Your bed, the bathroom door, the kitchen table, etc.

Next, have them touch two things.

“Touch the fridge and then touch your bed and then run back here.”

After a few rounds of this, change it up a bit by having the child/children do things

as they are going to touch the fridge (or door or table…)

For example:

“Jump all the way to the fridge and then jump back to me.”

“Hop like a bunny to the table and then hop back.”

Other examples:  Crawl to the fridge, walk with your eyes closed, walk backwards, walk holding both hands with your sibling (reduces the competitiveness!), pretend to be a chicken all the way to the fridge and then a frog on the way back, etc.

Be creative, and of course, HAVE FUN!

Here’s a fun way to encourage your kids to clean up when there is a huge mess of toys on the floor:
Call out a color and everyone has to clean up that color.
For example, “Red” and everyone has to put away all items that are red.
Then call out another color, etc. until the entire room is clean.
Alternatively, assign each child a different color to clean up.
To vary it, you can also call out shapes.
This is a great way to reinforce colors and shapes for a child who is learning this.

For older kids, instead of calling out colors or shapes, give clues.
For example:
Pick up something that keeps you warm and put it where it goes (sweatshirt)
Pick up something that you can look through and has a button to press (toy camera)

Use this fun and creative technique to get kids to pick up toys, clothes or just about any mess.