When the kids are being difficult, not listening, giving you a hard time… instead of yelling, getting frustrated or feel like you’re talking to the wall – try singing what you want to tell them instead.
To explain what I mean, here’s what happened in my home:

For a while now, two of my kids have been fighting every morning over who gets milk poured into their cereal first.  Whichever one gets first yells out “I got first” and the other one starts crying and sometimes even refuses to eat her breakfast (and then of course it gets soggy and is completely wasted…) As you can imagine, it is a very frustrating way to start off the day. 

At first when this happened I told my kids that it doesn’t matter who gets first and I tried a little chant.  I would say “It doesn’ttttt….” and they would have to yell out “matter”.  But that didn’t work.  So a few days ago, after feeling so burnt out and frustrated I started singing. 

And here’s how my song goes (to the tune of “She’ll be comin round the mountain when she comes”)

Oh it doesn’t really matter who gets first

Oh it doesn’t really matter who gets first

Oh it doesn’t really matter

It doesn’t really matter

It doesn’t really matter who gets first.

The truth is that they still fight and get upset over who gets first.

BUT, at least now I don’t get all worked up about it. When I start feeling my blood pressure rising, I just start singing the song and it keeps me sane.

So, if your kids are fighting about something or you’re trying to get a certain message across – SING!  Even if they don’t get the message, it’ll keep you in a good mood which ultimately is the best thing you can give them anyway!

7/11/2012 04:33:42 am

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