“Ma, what’s for dinner?”
It’s the most overwhelming question a child can ask at 5 pm, right?

Do you feel the daily stress of trying to figure out what to make for dinner, and once you figure it out, you realize that you don’t even have the right ingredients to make it? Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate that stress and be able to answer your child with a smile?

The key is having a PLAN.

Planning in advance will make you feel in control and on top of the situation.

I’d like to suggest making a 2 week dinner schedule.
Here’s what you can do:
Of the 2 week period, each night of the week can be the same food in a different variation.
Sunday –Leftovers
Monday – Fish and Rice
Tuesday – Baked Ziti/Macaroni and Cheese
Wednesday – Chicken and Potatoes
Thursday – Eggs and noodles

All this would mean is having 2 different variations for each night’s meal to switch off with. For example: 2 different fish recipes, 2 different chicken recipes, 2 different noodle recipes and 2 different types of eggs (it could be as easy as one week scrambled and one week omelet.)

Once you’ve written out your 2 week schedule, make a shopping list that will include every item needed for these 2 weeks.  (Other than fruits and vegetables which you may need to buy on a weekly basis.)  Keep this shopping list and use it every 2 weeks when you go shopping.  The alternate week can be a small shopping for fruits and vegetables and items you know you just ran out of.

Feel free to send in recipes and we can all make a 2 week schedule together!

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